Ella in Buenos Aires: Mendozzz

So I have officially been here for a full three months. It is crazy to think that I only have two months left in Argentina! The time has really flown by. Apologies for the two travel posts in a row, but my friends and I are trying to see everything before we leave!

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This past weekend, my two friends and I went to Mendoza, Argentina! It was such a nice break from the recently rainy Buenos Aires; we had warm sunny days the whole time we were there! I really loved walking around and exploring the city, as well as doing the little excursions we had planned.


The first place we went in Mendoza was the Reserva Natural Divisadero Largo which was a mini nature reserve with a bunch of cool hikes. It was only a 15min taxi ride outside of the city!


We chose to hike the longest trail which took us about an hour but gave us such amazing views. Many of the mountains surrounding us were a deep red color, it reminded me of Arizona in the US.


Another activity we did while we were there was biking around to each of the bodegas in an area called Maipu. The little bodegas were adorable and had huge vineyards. The views while we were biking were incredible, since we could see the Andes mountains along the horizon throughout the whole ride.


Our last activity while in Mendoza was horseback riding! We went to a little estancia at the foot of the Andes and rode horses and had dinner with the owners as well as a bunch of other travelers!


My horse was named Gringa, which I thought was fitting!! She loved running, which stressed me out a bit since I was holding my camera and trying to take pictures while riding.

Chau for now!


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