Ella in Buenos Aires: Soccer in BA!


This week, my classes officially started up and I finally have a concrete schedule. All the UCA buildings are brick, so they really remind me of UR. So far I really like the classes I chose, my favorite one is called “Diseño y Creatividad.” It focuses on the history of Argentine artists and art in Buenos Aires. As students in the class, we get to try to imitate different artists in our own way. We spent about 30 minutes of the 3-hour class just drawing which I thought was pretty fun even though I am terrible at art!


Also this week, I discovered a way to play pick-up soccer with Argentine kids! I had a great time doing this because it really challenged my soccer skills. We were supposed to be playing 6v6, but only ten people showed up so we had to play 5v5! It was still fun, just a little bit more of a workout on the decently big field we were playing on.


These huge walls with barbed wire line the soccer fields where we play for some reason, so when I first arrived at the address I was told, I was convinced that I was in the wrong place. But, I ended up just following other people wearing soccer gear through the entrance and into the hidden complex with more than 10 soccer fields! It was incredible that these fields fit in the middle of a bustling city.cleats.JPGThese are my all-time favorite cleats. They fit so well and I’m sure they bring me good luck on the soccer field. I’m so glad I brought them to Argentina so I was prepared to play pick-up soccer!

See you next week!

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