Ella in Buenos Aires: Summer in the City

Finally, I have arrived in Argentina and started my semester. It is so crazy that in less than a day I’ve gone from snow-covered Minneapolis to the incredibly hot and humid Buenos Aires where it is close to 90°F every day! This city is truly overwhelming. Everything is happening so quickly, people always seem to be hurrying from one place to another. So far, I have bought an Argentine SIM card so that I can use my phone here  and I have learned how to use the colectivos (public buses) to get to my university. I feel pretty accomplished just to have completed these basic tasks!


My host mom’s apartment is so cute. Here’s her little balcony!


Yesterday my Spanish class got to go on a tour of Teatro Colón. Our Spanish class got to take a tour of the theater, and we learned so much about its rich history. Though it is now almost 110 years old, it is still considered one of the finest theaters in the world. The tour guide spoke to the incredible acoustics inside the main stage.


Here’s another part of the theater where the guests with the most expensive tickets would mingle. My favorite part of the theater was the fancy light fixtures that were in every room as you can see in this photo. While we were exploring this room, we learned that the theater took 20 years to build, and the creators had both Italian as well as French influences, and imported the valuable materials they used such as marble and gold from these places. This eclectic European style made me feel like I was inside a castle!


The sun was setting by the time we were done with our tour. Another beautiful summer day in Buenos Aires!

See you next week!





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