Jeanette in Morocco: Tasty, Tasty!

Kouli, kouli, kouli! (Eat, eat, eat!) 

If you ever find yourself having a meal in Morocco, you’ll likely hear these words enthusiastically said to you. Lucky for you, Morocco is full of tasty foods, drinks, and desserts. Heading into my third week, I’ve already labeled three as my favorites!


Couscous 1.jpg

Couscous 2.jpg

First, the infamous Moroccan dish, couscous! Couscous, made of crushed wheat, much like a blend between rice and pasta, is eaten every Friday in Morocco, as a celebration of the Holy Day. Families come together on this day, sit around a round table, and eat out of a large bowl together. The first photo features dessert couscous often made for special occasions. With caramelized onions, sweet raisins, and chickpeas as toppings, this dish had everyone murmuring sweet “mmmm” sounds and fighting for seconds. The second photo is a savory couscous with seven different vegetables and lamb. Both are must-haves if you ever find yourself in Morocco!

Mint Tea 1.jpg

Mint Tea 2.jpg

Secondly, after almost every meal in Morocco, you will find yourself enjoying a cup of mint tea. This cultural delicacy will leave a refreshing taste lingering on your tongue after every sip, even though you’ll already be ready for the next!


Ice Cream 1.jpg

Third, we can’t forget desert! At Passion Creme, a local family owned ice-cream shop in Rabat, one can find unique flavors such as dates, figs, bubble gum, and more for only $1 US per scoop! I’ve been to this place four times in the past week and I’ll surely be back for more.


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