Jeanette in Morocco: Pre-Departure Feels


Eight months ago, I sat in the University of Richmond dining hall, unsure of where to study abroad. Part of me wanted to return to my mother’s loving homeland, Taiwan, while another part of me sought a new adventure to deconstruct the confines of my comfort zone. Unable to decide, I left it up to fate.

With the flip of a coin, I will be on a plane, flying to Morocco tomorrow! As a Leadership Studies, Journalism, and Film Studies student, I will be embarking on the SIT: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media Program.


I cannot wait to combine my passions for social justice and visual storytelling as I explore the ins and outs of imperial cities and rural villages, seeking and sharing diverse, rich, and perhaps, silenced stories.

Book.jpgTomorrow, I will be watching the sunrise in Africa. This is both a beautiful and nerve-wrecking thought.

I feel as though people typically have a reason for choosing a particular country to study abroad in. However, I feel as though I will not know my reason until I return. And strangely, I am content with that.

For the next four months, I want to experience as a sponge – soaking in all the knowledge, experience, and culture Morocco has to offer. Here’s to a semester of growth, change, and new beginnings. As salam aleykum! أس سالم عليكم!

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