Meghann in Argentina: Exploring the City

Only 1 week down out of approximately 25, and I can already say that I love this city. Over the course of the last few days of exploring Buenos Aires, I have been struck by the diversity of the places I have visited. By way of los colectivos (what they call public busses here), I have made my way to more touristy sights such as el Teatro Colon, one of the best ballet and opera houses in the world, as well as to some hidden gems like Bond Street, an old mall where graffiti artists in Buenos Aires have turned the walls into a sort of gallery.

ML 2.1

Beautiful stained glass inside el Teatro Colon, where I had the opportunity to take a guided tour with my Spanish class.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

 Some of the graffiti in the Bond Street gallery.


Buenos Aires seems expansive and never-ending, especially to someone like me who has never lived in such a massive city before; my host family told me that even after six months here, I will only get to know a small part of it. Whether it is to visit more “typical” sights of the city or just walk around the little neighborhoods, I am excited to explore more in the coming weeks before my real classes start. Riding around on the confusing system of colectivos has also proven to be a great way to practice my Spanish, as I am constantly asking for directions!



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