Colleen in Singapore: Settled in Singy

apartment view

View from our apartment in Little India

baby sculpture

Giant Baby Sculpture, Gardens by the Bay

Exploring Merlion Park

Exploring Merlion Park


public transportation

The MRT is extremely efficient and makes getting around a breeze.

First week in Singapore (Singy as we call it) is under the belt! I’m extremely impressed with Singapore. It’s safe, clean, organized, has incredible architecture, vibrant culture, friendly locals and of course, delicious food (I’ll have to do a separate post just on the food here- it’s that good.) Dare I say that I love this city more than the mouth-watering garlic naan Nicole and I feasted on the other day.



If you’re planning on buying a SIM card while you’re in Singapore, it’s probably best to do it upon arrival at the airport. I tried to go to cell stores in Singy and a lot of them were sold out. 7-11 ended up having them. You can also buy your E-Z link pass (pass for the subway) at 7-11.

I also suggest bringing an old phone to use as your Singaporean phone, that way you don’t have to keep on switching out the SIM cards on your American phone.

You can either buy a converter here or bring one- they have plenty of cheap ones here.

Bring sunblock- it’s kind of pricy here.

Don’t bring a lot of stuff! You should be able to fit everything in one suitcase + a carry on. There’s a mall on practically every corner in Singapore, so I would save your shopping for here anyways.

If your course for SMU has a prerequisite you haven’t taken, email your professor and make sure you can still take the class.

Since SMU classes meet once a week, it’s easy to make your classes on two consecutive days. This gives you ample time to travel.

I really love my apartment and where I live (Little India) but make sure you’re content with the location of your apartment. You don’t want to be too far away from the all the action. If you have any questions about good locations, feel free to ask!

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