Becca in Hungary: Tour of AIT’s Campus

Today during lunch I decided to make a little video about AIT’s campus. In two weeks I will have reached the halfway point of my program (THATS CRAZY TO ME!!!). Of course that means midterms time! As midterms come closer I wanted to spend sometime reflecting on my experience at AIT. The video I created is below:

I have truly loved all my classes here! When I was trying to find somewhere to study abroad I did not want to sacrifice having small interactive classes. Generally, in Europe classes are lecture style and then conclude with one large exam. For me, learning math and computer science this way can be a challenge because I need weekly problems and challenges to make sure I understand the content as the content begins to build on itself. Here at AIT I get weekly homework sets in all of my classes that allow me to test my knowledge and ponder new ideas about the topic. The workload at AIT is perfect because I rarely feel like I am doing busy work but rather the work is relevant and thought-provoking.

The one thing I am shocked about is that I really don’t program that much even though I am enrolled in a computer science program. At the University of Richmond, all of the computer science classes have a strong mix between theoretics and programming. At AIT the classes mainly focus on theoretics which essentially means just more math. I personally love this because I am also a math major; however, some students struggle with the focus on mathematics. The most mathematical course I am taking is quantum probability. Unlike classical probability (which is the probability most people think of), quantum probability disobeys many of the rules we learn about probability in high school. Because of this we have to build-up new mathematical background and redefine a new lattice to define this probability. In more or less words, the class is hard, but that also means it is very thought-provoking which I love.

The class with the most programming is my mobile software design class. I was originally hesitant to take this course because it was going to be so programming focused. So far, I have loved this class. This past week we turned in our first assignment which was creating a minesweeper App for iPhone.

I could not be happier with my decision to attend AIT, and I am excited to buckle down and put a hold on the international traveling in order to prepare for my coming exams.

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