Austen in Ireland: Packing for the Voyage

So, I have started packing and I leave in a couple of days for Ireland!  I’ve realized just how challenging it is to pack four months worth of stuff into two suitcases.  It has been tough to figure out how much of what types of clothing and toiletries I need to bring but I think I’m in good shape (even the outlet plugs are different in Ireland).  The weather in Dublin will be cold for the majority of the semester and definitely a lot colder than Richmond weather so I brought a lot of jackets and heavier clothes.


Getting ready for the trip. Just have one more suitcase to pack!

As I look ahead to the trip I am looking forward with excitement to learn about a new culture and to see new places.  I am getting there a week before classes start so I can get used to the layout of the campus of UCD and Dublin.  But I am also very anxious because I am living in a new place by myself while also cooking some of my own meals.  On the plus side, I get my own bedroom and bathroom, something I did not have at UR!  I have never been this many months away from my parents, so it should be interesting.  I’m sure that it will be one of the best experiences of my lifetime, as I had one of the greatest times in France studying abroad this past summer.  I am used to traveling so I’m not too worried about the airplane ride and getting to UCD and I don’t really get homesick too easily so I should be fine.

During my time in Ireland, I am planning on traveling throughout the countryside, Cork and possibly Northern Ireland as well.  I will definitely also visit Edinburgh, Scotland because I know a few students from UR studying abroad there.   A plan for a Euro trip after the end of the semester is also in the works because I really want to take advantage of being in Europe and seeing some of the greatest cities in the world!

One Response to Austen in Ireland: Packing for the Voyage

  1. Hannah says:

    Make sure to hit up Galway- all the Dubliners go there on weekends since it has the best pubs 😉

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