Alter Schwede: Sweden in 6 Days (posted by Indira in Sweden)

As I’m spending the last days at home I anxiously await the adventure that is about to start in only 6 days; I’m moving to Sweden to start my fall semester abroad.

I am Indira and I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a rising junior double majoring in International Studies and German Studies. My main interests revolve around internationalism, traveling and culture – all of which are a major component of the University of Richmond study abroad program.

My fall semester I will be spending at the Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. Together with other international, exchange and Swedish students I will be taking a wide range of classes with main focuses in government and sustainable development. Uppsala University is well-known for both of these fields, as well as for its natural and computer sciences departments. It is one of Europe’s oldest and best universities located in a city that it brings together tradition, education and youth. It’s a unique example of the ‘old meets new’ kind of place. These were the main reasons I chose Uppsala University over other exchange programs.

Before I start my classes in September I will participate in the IBS (Intensive Course in Swedish) program with other exchange students from around the world. This will be a perfect opportunity to settle  into a new place and learn my way around before the semester truly starts. Apart from that, I will learn some of the language so I’ll be able to make basic conversation in one of the most interesting languages I’ve encountered – Swedish. Language is a rather interesting thing in Sweden. This Scandinavian country is almost bilingual because everyone speaks English and children start having English classes from early on.

In Uppsala I will be living in the accommodation area called Flogsta, which is a complex of multiple buildings typical of the communist architecture. I am really excited to start my adventure and move to a place that is completely different from Richmond in so many ways.

Right now I’m trying to think of all the things I need to pack before Sunday and then I am ready for my Swedish adventure!

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