Barbados, Week 13: Farewell Dinner Reflection

Toward the end of the year every spring semester, members of the Frank Worrell Hall council organize and put together a farewell dinner for those students living on campus.  Everyone gets all dressed up, and the dinner features song, dance, a speech and hall “spoof awards.”

As an exchange student this year, I was asked to give a reflection on my time spent at the University of the West Indies and I readily accepted.  I love blogging of course, but I enjoy delivering my thoughts to a guaranteed audience even more.  I presented the third and final reflection of the night, and unlike the other speakers, this was not completely off the cuff for me – I had written down a two page speech in the 20 minutes before my final class.  Not having time to print it out, I arrived at the dinner with my entire laptop under my arm.

Below is the video that my friend from California, Camille, took of the reflection speech.  And yes, toward the end that is the sound of audience members crying.

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