Dan in Argentina: Iguazu Falls


Starting off with the least impressive of this week’s photos, here’s a picture of me, slightly misted. Last week, my mom and stepdad visited me in Buenos Aires, and we decided to take a side trip up north to Iguazu Falls in the corner that brings together Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. My mom was excited to see these magnificent falls after reading that, upon experiencing them, Eleanor Roosevelt’s reaction was simply, “poor Niagara!”


It is hard for me to write a caption for this photo because it’s simply just beautiful. And no, that’s not a praise of my photography skills. They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, so I’ll just let you enjoy this one and hear whatever those words are.



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After exploring all these amazing falls during a quick hour and a half downpour in the rainforest, my mom, stepdad and I ventured down a path of steep, wet stairs to our boat ride. We were already soaked to the bone from the rain so figured why not get dunked in the waterfalls?! The mist I mentioned before was old and forgotten by the time we were approaching some of these massive waterfalls. It was so cool and by far the best part of the day.


Our first stop was the largest of all the falls. They call it the Garganta del Diablo, or the Devil’s Throat. It is almost 270 feet tall, and its U-shape spans almost 500 feet! The mist was real. Every so often an uproar of shrieks would fill the area after particularly large spurts of mist. Notice the birds flying in and out of this waterfall. It reminded us of a scene straight out of “Jurassic Park.”



On our way out, we saw two other tourists looking into the trees so naturally we stopped and stared. To our surprise, we saw this little monkey. I am by no means a zoologist but he does look like the Capuchin monkey from “Night at the Museum” so I named him Dexter. But hey, it turns out (according to Wikipedia) that Prego monkeys are native to the area, and they are a type of Capuchin.


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