Oliver in Spain: One week Away!

Hey everyone! My name is Oliver and I am a Junior at the University of Richmond. This fall I’ll be studying abroad in Valencia for three months. I cannot believe I am officially one week away from departing the US for a whole new country. I don’t know all too much about Spain, other than what you read about in books, so I am hoping that my Spanish minor abilities will be enough to get me through the transition. Thinking of transitioning to a new country with a new language is nothing short of terrifying…but seeing as I am an International Studies major I feel as though I should be able to handle it. Right?

To be completely honest with you all, I haven’t thought about being in Spain in one week very much. Although it is always kind of in the back of my head, it doesn’t really feel real just yet. I don’t think it will until Monday night (the night before I leave). With that said I’ve done my best to prepare myself for it…actually that’s not true. I have barely done anything but make lists. Procrastinating by planning is one of the most effective ways to put off work if you were curious. I’m not even sure where to start my actual planning so I’ve decided to just listen to Spanish music instead (Shout out to Marc Anthony for “Vivir mi vida”).

With the summer coming to an end I can finally wrap my head around the idea of study abroad. I’m pretty upset that I’m not at UR with everyone else right now, but that’s just because I’m sitting at home doing nothing. One week from now everything will be different. Until then, I’ll sit here in this chair procrastinating. Next up, “Darte un beso” by Prince Royce!

I'm looking forward to getting used to this type of view

I’ll check back in the night before I leave to let you know what’s going through my head. Until then, I’ll wrap my head around the fact that this is my new Jersey Shore!



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